Our focus has been stolen…
By endless phone scrolling, countless ads, and news stories rotating quicker than we have time to digest them.
By our responsibilities.
Our calendars.
Our busy work schedules.

It’s so hard to live in the moment. 

Our belief system revolves around giving you your most important moments back. Allowing you to give love and feel love without any distractions. Ensuring you can remember those beautiful minutes so vividly for years to come. Having photos that feel real because the moments were real.


Im'a cut to the chase. You're probably here after looking at dozens of websites, trying to pick the perfect person to document this time in your life. Heck, this is such an important season, and you deserve THE VERY BEST. 

But what does that look like? Well...it's different for everyone. But my clients in particular are looking for a safe space for intimacy and laughter, a place where they can just be themselves. They get pumped about unposed and candid moments and put their trust in my creative vision. They aren't afraid to get a little dirty, go on an adventure or two, and maybe most importantly-- they have a love for the world around them. They're excited about their wedding, but even more excited about their marriage, and they understand that their photos (and their love, duh) is the only thing that remains once the big day is over. SO we're gonna document the CRAP out of this thing.

Keep that scrolling finger ready, and head on down to see what I offer and how the process works!

It goes a little something like this...

Everyone loses it over your sneak peeks within a week, and at the full gallery between 4-8 weeks.

More dreaming and plenty of memes, gifs, and questionnaires later, we get you married!

We become best friends at your
E-session, and you get those
🤩🤯😳 photos back within 3 weeks.

We hop on the phone and dream together. You sign a contract and we get this party started.

"I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don't be shyyy, OK? There are NO rules in this house. I'm not like a regular vendor, I'm a cool vendor..."

earthy | authentic | intimate | joy-filled | intentional | cozy | cinematic

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Meet your team

I hear you're getting married?! Well that's pretty cool because I just so happen to LOVE capturing love. In fact, I can't think of a more substantial honor than celebrating with you fine folks and your closest friends and family. Booking with me comes with the promise of certain adventure and a peace of mind; my goal is to capture your day from the inside out, helping to foster and document the genuine interactions that make your love unique. My style has been described as earthy, authentic, intimate, joy-filled, intentional, cozy, and cinematic, so if those are some words that come to mind when you're picturing your dream wedding, certainly get in touch. Each of my collections come with a complimentary engagement session, timeline support, and my top secret album guide! Oh, and one more thing- I have a special place in my heart for educators and first responders, so definitely mention if you fit into those categories!

and $2890 for all associates 

starting at $3290 for Christie


We work together to design an album that you'll have trouble putting down (but they're not water proof or snuggle resistant, so you'll have to try...)

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The possibilities are endless...

A personalized scavenger hunt, an adult piñata, and a surprise proposal?

A chocolate making class, followed by fondue, fancy drinks, and your own private movie theater?

A helicopter ride to a remote picnic location, and a hike among the wildflowers?

Years ago I had a photographer capture my man and I enjoying some time together in the midst of our daily routine. When I looked at the photos, I couldn't believe the intimacy and emotion that was captured that I had honestly looked right past, even as I was experiencing it. Sometimes it's so easy to forget to see the magic in the patterns of day-to-day living, but it's so important to cherish and recognize these moments. My "Date Night Adventure" sessions are to help you do just that. You'll fill out a survey describing a bit about who you are and what you like to do, and I'll plan a massively exciting date. You'll get to enjoy a spontaneous day/night out (food and an activity) while I discreetly capture your relationship in photos that you will treasure forever.

starting at $775

Date Night Adventures

A sexy game of paint twister, your own private chef, and a personalized dance class?

Lifestyle sessions are meant to capture families, seniors, and couples in their element. Whether hiking outdoors, baking cookies and playing games in the comfort of their home, or taking a day trip to a favorite coffee shop, I'll be there to capture grandma's new favorite photo, a new canvas for the wall, or the social media post of the year. Sessions range from half an hour to two hours, and are carefully curated to fit the desires of the client.  

starting at $575


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“I’ve tried to envision myself doing boudoir...it looks like so much fun, but heck I can’t even take a decent selfie without 200 tries! I am so worried I’d hate my photos!” 
Frienddd, you are not alone! 

While I think we all struggle with achieving the perfect selfie, many of my clients came in worrying about whether or not they’d love their photos. It was hard for them to imagine making a ‘sexy face’ (maybe you too are pretty sure you have resting b*tch face), or showing off their booty without wanting to cringe. 

Then, they sat in front of their final gallery, mouths hanging open, and all that came out was: “I didn’t know I could look like that.” 
They could. 
And you can too, my friend. 
The beautiful thing about finally doing something you thought you couldn’t do, is seeing the things about yourself that you never thought you’d see. 
When you book a boudoir session with me, that is what you are signing up for. I see the very best in you, and will pose every eyelash/move every limb to make sure that your images look incredible. 

I want to help you grow from “I didn’t know I could look like that” to “I’ll never, ever forget.”

Most clients spend an average of $1800 total

sitting fee starts at $250


Head on over to my contact page and send me an inquiry! The booking process is super easy. You'll sign a contract and pay a 30% deposit to reserve your date, and then we will schedule an engagement session and start consulting about the plans for your day. Payment plans are available for anyone who needs it!

How do I book?! How do I book?! Tell me about the process!

Heck yes I do! While I am based in Pennsylvania and South Jersey, I always have my bags packed and traveling to new places is one of my all time favorite things. I've done work in Ireland, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, and St. Lucia, not to mention all up and down the East Coast of the United States, with a bit of Colorado and California thrown into the mix. Ask about my travel fees for weddings over 2 hours from me! 

Do you ever shoot outside of Pennsylvania or New Jersey? What about destination weddings?

Not often. HOWEVER, If you are someone that really connects with my work but I'm outside of your budget, I'd still love to chat. I strive to offer an affordable but incredible experience for each of my clients, and if we are jiving with each other, we may be able to work something out. On a separate note, I do offer discounts to teachers and first responders as my way of saying thank you for the amazing things that they do every day. So make sure to mention that in your inquiry!

Are there any circumstances where you'll offer free or discounted work? (Not that we don't think you're worth it, but GEEEEZ this whole wedding thing is Ex-PEENN-SIVE).

How long will it take for me to receive my images? And how many do I get?

For weddings, you will receive an online gallery of your edited images within 4-8 weeks. You will also get a "sneak peek" gallery of about 20 images within a week of your wedding because I know how hard it is to wait in anticipation! If you want to put a rush on your delivery, you can add $500 to any collection to get all the images within a weeks time. All other sessions take between 2-4 weeks to complete. In all, you'll receive between 50-60 images per hour of shooting.

Do you have opinions on hours of coverage, if we should do a first look, or if we should hire a second shooter? 

Sure do! This is something we will go over in your initial consult since everyone requires something a little bit different. I do offer packages ranging from 4 hours to all day coverage and LOVE working with my associate and second shooters. It definitely adds more depth to your final album. Let's chat further to figure out what would work best for your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Christie is incredible to work with! From the first time I spoke with her, I knew she had to be my photographer! She listened to my vision (and all my other ramblings), and never tried to steer us in a direction that wasn't true to us. My husband hates having his picture taken, and she did an unbelievable job making our photo session fun and natural, encouraging us to be as silly or serious as we wanted. I never wanted overly staged photos, and Christie is SO good at capturing the real, authentic moments. When I looked at my pictures, I genuinely felt like I was reliving the day. I could literally feel the joy. I think one of Christie's greatest skills, besides being be best photographer, is being able to gain a deeper understanding of who a couple is in an impressively short amount of time. She felt like a friend at our wedding, and it showed it in our pictures.

- Jesse & Ryan

Christie is a dream photographer. She simultaneously eases your fears and creates some of your most cherished memories. She makes an incredible effort to know you as a couple and somehow helps you learn more about yourself as well. From capturing candids that aren't forced, that i never thought was possible, to highlighting your favorite things about yourself as a couple, Christie is a must have photographer. She listens and innovates, she makes you laugh and makes you cry, and she surely becomes your friend. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't scroll our engagement or wedding photos for atleast a few minutes. Christie is nothing short of an artist who quickly becomes a cherished friend.

- Emily & Chase

I wish I could give Christie a 100 star review and not just five. Christie will bring such a light into your life, from the first time with her to the first time you meet her, to the big day where there is nothing but joy, love, and excitement pouring out of her, to weeks after your wedding day when she is working on your gallery and is just as excited to relive the day all over again as she is editing the photos. From the moment she and I chatted about being our photographer, it was like God was looking out for me. 

We had such a blast that day… the best part being that it didn’t feel like we had to work hard at posing for the multitude of photos. It felt completely natural. Christie had no problem getting into weird positions, like straddling me to get over the head shots or lying on the ground. I truly can’t pick a favorite photo because I love all of them; the romantic ones, the funny ones, the candid ones, and the ones we planned for. They are all stunning and bring out exactly who Todd and I are together. We are a match made in heaven, and I mean Christie and I (haha)! She is such a beautiful soul and I’m so happy that I not only had the perfect photographer, but I feel like I’ve made a friend. 

-Aubree & Todd

Wow. If you want the BEST experience for your wedding, hire Christie! From the moment she meets you, you know that she cares so deeply about humanity and, more than that, about you and your wishes for your photos. She is so professional in terms of staying within time frames and being thorough, yet efficient, while also making everything about your day personal and laid back. She has an incredible artistic eye, and will give you exceedingly more of herself than she charges for. She is one in a million, personally and professionally, and will make you and every part of your wedding look phenomenal. I couldn't recommend her any more highly! We were so thankful to have her photograph our wedding day!

-Kerri & Bryson

Christie is not only an extremely kindhearted, genuine, and passionate person, she is an exceptional photographer with great talent, professionalism, and poise. Asking Christie to photograph our wedding this summer proved to be a fantastic decision, as she exhibited such patience and care while shooting our wedding. Despite our wedding day stress, she always kept her cool and knew exactly what she was doing at every moment, making us feel comfortable and confident. She also shot our engagement photos, and my husband and I felt so at ease with her as she talked with us, showed an interest in us, and took very flattering photos of us. During the wedding everyone, various members of my wedding party and guests told me how impressed they were by our photographer, and the photos from the day speak for themselves.

-Sarah & Jeremy