"If pictures speak a thousand words, than Christie does WAY more than just take pictures because when I look at the moments photographed by her camera, there simply aren’t enough words to describe the joys she captured."
-Bride, Ashley M.

where making out, ridiculous dancing, and eating too many burritos is always encouraged

And I'm here to help couples remember why they fell in love in the first place through an interactive and intimate photo experience! I create spaces for you and your partner to be the most authentic versions of yourself, all while capturing moments designed to remind you how rich reality is when you're together. Furthermore, I give opportunities for your friends and family to view your photos in an online gallery which will help them feel as though they're getting a glimpse into your "every day magic."

I believe whole heartedly in your love story, and promise to be your biggest, most obnoxious cheerleader, ready to help you conquer this mountain- the awkwardness of photos (not a chance- trust me), the stress of wedding planning (deeeep breaths), and ultimately this super exciting, adventurous, exhausting season of life. So buckle up, and let's do this thing! 

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