Britta and Brian’s wedding made me understand why so many photographers rave about getting a chance to shoot in Charleston, South Carolina.  Saying it was beautiful is an understatement.  The venue was on a family-owned, private island, with a gorgeous lakeside view, right under where the sun sets.  Yet, although the intimate details and grandiose […]

Britta & Brian

I’m usually pretty longwinded…it’s a trait I’m attempting to minimize.  I tend to say a lot and hope that my true feelings and important thoughts are able to be extracted by the people who are listening.  For those of you that know this about me, you know that there are very few times when I […]

Jenn & Quentin | Pittsburgh Wedding

“Of all the many people we meet in a lifetime, it is strange that so many of us find ourselves in thrall to one particular person. Once that face is seen, an involuntary heartache sets in for which there is no cure. All the wonder of this world finds shape in that one person and thereafter there […]

Tamara & Morey | Lancaster Wedding

Here are some reasons I want to shoot Kerri and Bryson’s wedding everyday for the rest of my life… I want their “power-coupleness” to rub off on me.  They’re both incredibly beautiful, intelligent, kind hearted, athletic, ambitious…guys? Adopt me, maybe? Their wedding venue was on a little mountain overlooking the Susquehanna river on one of […]

Kerri & Bryson | Lancaster Wedding

“When we look out at the stars, and the amazing intricacies of life, when we wonder what it all means and why we matter, somehow the simple act of loving transcends all of it and gives us a place of belonging, a reason for being.” – Carl Sagen Home grown.  Passionate.  Vulnerable.  Imaginative.  Organic. All […]

Molly & Rich | Hanover Wedding

I met up with Dan and Danielle for the first time in May, two months before their wedding, and was immediately blown away by a few things… First of all, we hiked probably three miles, first on pavement, but then up and down mountain sides…Danielle did it in heels, and rocked it the whole time. […]

Danielle & Dan | Middletown Wedding

The thing I remember most about the first time I met Alicia and Colter was Colter’s deep investment for making Alicia feel like she was protected, supported, cherished, adored, honored, and valued.  His eyes lit up when he recalled to me the most elaborate, well thought out proposal story, that involved all the people and […]

Alicia + Colter | Lock Haven Wedding

Job perks of being a photographer= delicious food, shaking my booty on the dance floor, getting lessons I can apply to my own marriage during the ceremony, and being surrounded by the happiest humans because it’s probably one of the best days in each of their lives thus far. And that is my favorite part- […]

Cassie + Daulton | Muncy Wedding

It’s amazing how you can live in a place your whole life and miss so much of it’s beauty.  I’ve lived in Lycoming County for the majority of my life, and was blown away by each of the locations we visited to capture Kira and Tom’s wedding day- despite having passed these locations hundreds of […]

Kira + Tom | Williamsport Wedding

I remember the very first time I tried out for the High School play… I was in 7th grade and pretty terrified of the tall, mature, intimidating upper classmen.  It could have easily turned into a disaster- for those of you that don’t know, I was the very typical nerdy middle schooler with pants that […]

Aeriale + Zachary | Spring Mills Wedding