The past twelve months have been filled with firsts – some difficult, some amazing, but all memorable.  I left my first job outside of college, lost my first grandparent, and moved into my first home with my husband.  I got my first job related to my degree, traveled with students (and to England!) for the first time, and shot my very first wedding.  Emily was one of the people who made me confident that I could thrive in wedding photography.  She was one of the very first people that reached out to book me, and despite my lack of experience, trusted me with her big day.  She also gave me the opportunity to shoot my very first New Year’s Eve wedding and to say it was a blast is certainly an understatement.

Although Emily and I have been friends since high school, I didn’t meet her now husband Ben until this past Fall.  We all went on a date (I love being a third wheel) to a peach orchard, and I knew when I first saw them interact that they were grounded in each other, and so ready to take on the world as long as they were side by side.  They weren’t overly affectionate, and they didn’t tell romantic story after romantic story, but there was so much peace and calm surrounding them, their demeanors told me they were 100% at east and just happy to be together.

Their wedding and ceremony were held at the Scottish Rite in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, an absolutely beautiful venue.  I didn’t get to see the space until right before the ceremony, and made the bridal party trek outside in the 20 degree weather for some good shots.  Little did I know the potential of the indoors! Poor Emily and Ben were outside for more than 2 hours, but they were such good sports, and didn’t get cold until the last twenty or so minutes.  I’m telling you- Emily was such a trooper!  The night ended with so much love, excitement, kissing, toasting, and Ben’s 93 year old grandma showing some seriously sick moves on the dance floor.  Couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the new year!




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