The thing I remember most about the first time I met Alicia and Colter was Colter’s deep investment for making Alicia feel like she was protected, supported, cherished, adored, honored, and valued.  His eyes lit up when he recalled to me the most elaborate, well thought out proposal story, that involved all the people and places that are dear to Alicia’s heart.  This wedding only magnified my insight into their lives, as I got to see them love on their beautiful daughter together, as well as the rest of their friends and family.  I got to see the respect in the way they spoke to each other over the slightly more stressful parts of the day (it was hot and they were hungry), as well as their irresistible wittiness towards each other- Colter’s certainly a “jokester” and Alicia played along every second, loving him all the more for his sense of humor.

As a wedding photographer, it is always my goal to deeply know my couples; I’m passionate about praying for them, encouraging them, making them feel comfortable on a day that sometimes can feel really overwhelming.  And if I’m lucky enough, they let me peer a bit into their lives, and a friendship is built.  Although I have only spent two days with these incredible people, I feel like I’ve known them for much longer, and am thankful to have had the privilege of walking through their wedding day beside them.  Hope you two have had an unbelievable first month of marriage- let’s frolic through parks and feed ducks again sometime soon!


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