Job perks of being a photographer= delicious food, shaking my booty on the dance floor, getting lessons I can apply to my own marriage during the ceremony, and being surrounded by the happiest humans because it’s probably one of the best days in each of their lives thus far. And that is my favorite part- getting to share in the most wonderful and beautiful days with people who have often grown into close friends. Cassie and Daulton’s wedding was a bit of a dream for a photographer. Timelines can be such a challenge to arrange – especially if there is no first look.

Without a first look, you are typically trying to cram family portraits, bride and groom shots, and full bridal party shots into a cocktail “hour.” This can often leave couples feeling rushed, instead of enjoying the little time they get to spend alone together on their wedding day.  I always try to make it a goal to create that space for my clients- to allow them to feel all the feels with their partner and to relax for a few moments.  Cassie and Daulton planned a day that was so uniquely them, and did so in a way where they were able to take everything in, instead of hitting time deadlines.  We started with a gorgeous first look in the Summer rain, and by the time it cleared up, we were dancing in front of the largest hydrangea bush I have ever seen, their entire bridal party laughing and cheering them on.  

When we got to the ceremony space, we had a ton of time for portraits outside of the church, as well as family pictures, and it was one of my favorite ceremony spaces of all time because…there was a newspaper article about me from nearly five years ago hanging on one of the walls of the church! Back story: Cassie’s mom was my favorite substitute teacher of all time in High School; her faith, wisdom, compassion, and enthusiasm was always so inspiring- she allowed people to feel vulnerable with her.  When I started 2 Seconds Or Less, she was immediately so supportive, even though I hadn’t seen her as my substitute for years at this point.  Cassie got married at the church where her mom now works, and in her mom’s office, I saw that she had this article hanging up from years ago- she said she keeps it up and remembers to pray for me all the time.  The sentimentality of the moment really hit me- How did I get so lucky to walk alongside this family?

The reception was equally as beautiful as the rest of the day.  The DJ whipped out tons of surprises including a recorded message for Cassie and Daulton from relatives that couldn’t be there and a song mixed with snippets of the toasts, loving words from Cassie’s sister and Daulton’s best friend and brother.  Cassie was beaming the entire time- as the pastor said “what is sure to be Daulton’s downfall because of those dimples.” Thank you, Seabridges, for giving me the great honor of celebrating with you!



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