It’s amazing how you can live in a place your whole life and miss so much of it’s beauty.  I’ve lived in Lycoming County for the majority of my life, and was blown away by each of the locations we visited to capture Kira and Tom’s wedding day- despite having passed these locations hundreds of times through the years.

Aren’t weddings like that cool?!  I find that at the majority of my weddings, I walk away having learned something new. Either something about how I interact with people, or a promise I heard in the vows or the sermon that I want to implement in my marriage, or even a reminder to slow down a bit and enjoy the architecture and the nature that surrounds me.

Other cool things about this wedding? Best getting ready location ever, gorgeous details including Tom’s shoes as a pun for the grooms name, an intimate bridal party (with good friends of mine from past theater experiences), a bride who’s top priority is eating (girl after my own heart), a couple who isn’t afraid to ditch the umbrellas and kiss in the rain, despite us getting absolutely soaked… This was a great wedding to end my Spring season with, and I’m thankful to have spent the day with such kind, humble, laid back, and genuine humans!




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