I remember the very first time I tried out for the High School play… I was in 7th grade and pretty terrified of the tall, mature, intimidating upper classmen.  It could have easily turned into a disaster- for those of you that don’t know, I was the very typical nerdy middle schooler with pants that were way too short and an uncanny ability to trip over things that immediately would disappear once I fell.  I was the archtype from all the movies.  And this was a pretty vulnerable situation…

But then came Aeriale.  She was a junior, who was thoughtful, inclusive, hilarious, compassionate, and an older sister during a time where I wouldn’t exactly blame people for not seeking me out.  But she did, and I didn’t forget her kindness or her gentle spirit as I made my way through High School (eventually getting a lead of the musical senior year, believe it or not).

A little over a month ago, I had the huge honor of watching Aeriale marry the love of her life, Zachary. It was probably the rainiest day of the year, and even with an outside venue, we had a ball. The day was filled with rain boots, incredible details that highlighted the couples passion for travel, and a sincere protectiveness and reverence of the vows they were making to each other. I admired Aeriale’s ability to have the time of her life, even as we trudged through huge mud puddles, and Zack’s attention to detail as he made sure his bride was comfortable and content through the elements.

As if that wasn’t enough, the families of these two are SO AWESOME. I could write pages and pages of how much I appreciated celebrating the day with this amazing group, but I think the photos alone (especially those from the reception) will do my enthusiasm justice.


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