Meet Jessica and Trevor everyone!  Here are the top seven reasons why we’re all perfect for each other.

1. Jessica is a Vet Tech, and they both have a heart for animals.  They seriously debated bringing their puppy to the engagement shoot, but decided against it at the last minute.

2. Speaking of animals, they are about to adopt a sphinx kitten.  A SPHINX KITTEN.  I LOVE those cute little guys, but everyone thinks I am crazy for it.  Here’s the thing, due to their lack of fur, these cats like to snuggle up to their owners to keep warm AND they need baths every week because they don’t have enough fur to absorb body oils.  You can snuggle and take baths with your kitten at the same time! (It probably sounds cuter than it actually is, but I’m choosing to be blissfully ignorant.

3. They’ve already invited me over to play with their new kitten.

4. Tattoos.  Jessica has a few beautiful pieces on her arms that I couldn’t help but admire when shooting. And Trevor…has the Gryffindor emblem.  Kindred spirits I tell you.

5. They were thrilled to mimic ridiculous family memes from online.  Hence our last few shots.  Also Trevor is pretty sacrificial- it was a heated debate on who would have to be the wheelbarrow, and Trevor took one for the team when he saw the problem of Jessica being in a dress for stunt.

6. Their taste in music.  I won’t spoil their first dance song, but I will say it is one of my favorite songs of all time, and definitely not a cliche song for a wedding.  Also, when I asked them to dance a bit for me, Trevor didn’t hesitate to turn on Frank Sinatra full blast, and spin his bride around the field.  I wanted to dance with them, but I thought it would probably be more appropriate to keep shooting- ESPECIALLY because of the way he was looking at her.

7. AND last but not least, when I referenced the most referred to quote for when I’m shooting “happy life, happy wife,” Jessica said “I don’t believe in that crap.  To be honest, if Trevor isn’t happy, then I don’t think I can be either. It’s a partnership.” YES. YOU GET IT. Although, I still withhold the right to say that to my husband when I’m bothered that he didn’t change the toilet paper roll….

Thanks you two beautiful humans! Can’t wait to spend more time with you and your animals (and I’m also pretty excited for your upcoming wedding…)!


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