Britta and Brian’s wedding made me understand why so many photographers rave about getting a chance to shoot in Charleston, South Carolina.  Saying it was beautiful is an understatement.  The venue was on a family-owned, private island, with a gorgeous lakeside view, right under where the sun sets.  Yet, although the intimate details and grandiose scenery took my breath away, nothing was more inspiring than the love shared between Brian and Britta.

There were so many tears throughout the night; tears of disbelief that they were finally about to be married, tears of laughter when they read letters from one another (Britta’s was one page and Brian’s was a novel…), tears shared because of heartfelt speeches and the acknowledgement of the mighty power within the Love of Christ.  The way this couple held each other, in fact, just their very eye contact, was vulnerable but commanding, intimate but overwhelming, protective but freeing.  Although Britta is my cousin in law, I didn’t know too much about her relationship with Brian, but their narrative is truly one of beauty and faith.  I won’t go into all the details here, but their love is a true testament to how God creates the most magnificent and miraculous stories that surpass our understanding, as well as a  witness to how He always fulfills his promise.

I hope even a little of that can shine through these photos; it was an absolute honor to witness it and document it first hand.


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