I’m usually pretty longwinded…it’s a trait I’m attempting to minimize.  I tend to say a lot and hope that my true feelings and important thoughts are able to be extracted by the people who are listening.  For those of you that know this about me, you know that there are very few times when I am left speechless.  But I truly don’t have words for this wedding.  They wouldn’t do this memory justice.  So instead, scroll and relive the story of Jennifer and Quentin’s day.

And if you need more convincing, consider that this wedding has…

  1. The cutest and cuddliest of donkeys (who photobomb couple portraits)
  2. The giddiest of grooms I’ve ever seen (when they prayed together before the wedding without seeing each other, Quentin was literally shaking with joy and anticipation)
  3. A beautiful foot washing ceremony that was so symbolic of who this couple is- humility filled, servant hearted, compassionate and gentle souls



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